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The 4X Certification Procedure:

The selection Process: Fine Quality at no extra price

Tea samples from auction centres across the country including samples from our own plantations are brought to the AVT central tasting center at Kochi.

Here expert tea tasters follow the most stringent quality parameters to screen all samples using the '4X' system for a brand-wise and region specific selection process.

The infusion: The teas are infused by immersing 2.5 grams of tea in 4 ounces of boiled water and are allowed to stand for 6 minutes before being strained into sterilized bowls. This infusion is set out on tasting cup lids and excess water squeezed out.

The inspection: The dry leaf is first inspected for physical appearance. Only clean grainy teas are selected. Teas with excess fiber content and extraneous matter are rejected outright. The infusions are then studied for their physical appearance. Only teas with the healthiest infusions are selected.

The intention: The liqueur is then tasted for parameters like strength, briskness and taste. Only teas that fulfill the brand's characteristics are selected. Any tea with inherent manufacturing defects (such as over fire or smoke) is avoided. The liqueur is also inspected for its colour and only those that pass muster are selected - plain, thin and light teas are avoided.

The attributes of each lot are coded onto the catalogues using a unique alphanumeric coding system. Only those teas suitable for AVT's brands are purchased from the respective auctions or plantations.

The Production Procedure: Delivering quality at every point

As soon as the purchases are affected, the details of all teas produced are fed into AVT's proprietary software "Panchathantra". Blend sheets are generated using this application.

The process: Once the blend sheets are generated, the samples pertaining to the teas used are drawn from the warehouses. Representative table bulks of the blends are prepared. These table bulks are then tasted against the various standards and competition. The volumes are recorded and only those blends that match up to the standards are passed for blending. Finally, blend sheets are issued to the various blending units.

The place: AVT has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Coimbatore and Kochi. All the teas are blended using Vertical Tower Blenders, which are fitted with rare earth magnets and sorting machines to remove any stray iron filings and other extraneous matter (like jute strings) from the teas.

Once the blending is complete, the blended tea is once again tasted against the standard. The blended tea is sent into the market for testing and certification. After proper testing the blends are released for packing.

The product: The blended teas are packed with state of the art packing machinery installed in our units. All necessary care is taken to see that our products meet PFA norms. Prior to the actual blending process, a representative table bulk of the blend order is made and is tested along with the standard so as to ensure consistency in the end product.

AVT has a modern laboratory that is fitted with the latest testing equipments in the Coimbatore facility. All our blends are put through statutory checks required by the PFA Act.